Acupuncture by Yvonne Piper DiplOM, DOM, Lac





I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. 


 Real Life People, Real Life Results.

What do Patients have to say? 


I can't believe it took me this long to try Acupuncture!  I love it! DH

"You have magic hands" GC 

Acupuncture does not hurt! Just do it!  Yvonne is Great! BP

I don't know why more people don't incorporate Oriental Medicine into their everyday lives.  It's a preventative healthcare system that works!  Go see Yvonne, she will help you feel your absolute BEST!  LG

Yvonne is my go to when ever I have an issue.  If she cannot help me she sends me to someone who can, but she always can help me, so I keep coming in!  SS

"Acupuncture has helped me so much! Thank You! NM

"Thank You Yvonne.  Every time I walk out of your office I feel good physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Thank you very much for your service." MG

"Wow, is all I have to say." DB 

 "I always feel so good after seeing Yvonne.  I feel like I've been touched by an Angel."  AR

"Friday March 18th 2016 I went for Acupuncture treatment for my very first time.  A friend had told me about it and he took me to my first appointment.  I for one am aftraid of needles, but I didn't feel the acupuncture needles and I fell asleep.  Since my first treatment I have not felt any pain in my back and I have not needed to take my meds for my back since.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel better and sleep better and it gives you more energy.  I'm shocked at the results I got from my first treatment!  If you have not tried it and you are curious about, ask questions and talk to someone today.  Because the sooner you start treatment the sooner you start to feel better. Thank you so much. " JB


 Endorsed by UFC Legend - Patrick Smith


"I always feel so much better after your treatments" - L


Thank goodness I have a dear friend and client that's an acupuncturist. I just went for my first session and I feel amazing! I was a little nervous but she was so gentle and she really knows her stuff if anyone needs any kind of stress relief or release from any ailments or illnesses I would highly recommend meeting with Yvonne Piper with OM Wellness, LLC  She is absolutely amazing!  BA

Let her know I recommend you she will help you for sure! What do you like about OM Wellness LLC?  “the sincere caring of Yvonne to help her client to achieve his goals.”  JH 

 "Dr. Piper is amazing...  I'm glad I found her." JW

"There doesn't have to be something wrong with you to get Acupuncture, although she has helped me get off of my Blood Pressure Meds. I simply feel better when I receive treatments from Yvonne."  Bruno  

"Thank You for your Wealth of Information" - CK

I’d like to give a testimonial for Yvonne Piper, Acupuncturist.  Despite my career in holistic nutrition, I haven’t always been a believer in the art & science of acupuncture – but Yvonne has made me an enthusiastic convert.  Not only is she the gentlest needler I have ever experienced, but she is the first practitioner to successfully relieve my chronic knee pain and inflammation. She was also able to discern a couple of other health issues that have been bugging me just by reading my pulse and gently pressing on my abdomen.  She is highly intuitive and wise about all of the body’s systems, and she’s become my “go to” health professional before I even visit a doctor.  If there is anything that doesn’t feel right in your body – whether it’s low energy, chronic pain, an unhealthy habit you can’t break, or even just a case of the blues – I urge you to put yourself in Yvonne’s hands. She is, quite simply, magical.  -AW

 Thank You so much!  You are the only one who helped me figure out this issue.  I've been to so many Doctors.  Thank You Again!  - EP

"Dr. Piper is helping me work through my divorce." RM



"I have been treated by Dr. Yvonne Piper with acupuncture, in which it has helped me tremendously.  I feel very strongly that she is knowledgeable in her practice and her people skills are the upmost caring of her patient’s.  I highly recommend her." JL

"I want to thank you for your wonderful treatment.  It meant the world to me.  I feel so much better.  My knee healed completely. " GP

"Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping me through this struggle. Your such a kind hearted beautiful person. Very glad we met and look forward to working with you." CL


"Yvonne Piper is an extrordinarily skilled practitioner.  Her needle technique is very gentle, but very powerful and effective.  She is kind, attentive,  and respectful in her approach, listening carefully to understand what I'd like to work on with her.  So often she understands intuitively the things I cannot put into words, and I always leave her office feeling better both physically and emotionally.  (And I'm an acupuncturist myself, so I'm very picky about these things!)" Dr. HB


"Just wanted to say thanks to u Dr.Piper I feel amazing after my treatment with u yesterday!! Just wanted to say thanks for everything!! Have a beautiful day!!" MB 




"You are really good at what you do, and that is why I keep coming back.  Yvonne is the best in her field!!"  RB

"Yvonne is not only gifted in her profession but is also a very good business professional." JL




"I haven't had feeling in my leg for many years!  Thank You!" AC


 "There is an aura about you.  Your treatments make me feel so balanced." BE

"I will always be grateful for your special care while I was going through chemo and radiation treatments... Blessings" NF


Have you ever heard of The Barefoot Doctor?  A Barefoot Doctor empowers their patients to heal themselves through compassionate care and prevention.  Listening and going that extra mile to reach a patient's needs is the key.   


My favorite story has to be when I was working in a Rehab Hospital.  I was working with a post-stroke patient who had lost his ability to speak.  I needled him and his son was in the room just watching in amazement as his father looked up at me and said, "Ouch! That hurt!"  I apologized and re-needled the point.  He proceeded to say, "That's better."  I smiled at him and gave the patient a quick scalp massage before the excitement actually hit me.  His son was ecstatic.